this is what i get for lettin all proper dudes run shit instead of nasty clowns
Hey im ann and i have an irrational love for her imperious condescension

i mostly post homestuck but tbh this blog is just a grab bag of all kinds of junk that i like. i tag it all if you dont wanna put up with that nonsense so if you want me to tag something dont sweat it

i also draw a lot of cartoons and junk!! if you have any suggestions of things more me to draw thats totally chill

important links are at the top there if you wanna check this shit out

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

This blog can be NSFW!!

i see a red d00r and i want it painted black
n0 c0l0urs anym0re i want them t0 turn black

posted 7 months ago @ 09 Feb 2014
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